Children are interested in play and are naturally curious and experimental. So our Pilates classes for children reflect this. Classes integrate music and movement and are game focused. Children can learn many important skills and stretch their bodies through play. I believe that children learn when they have fun. Teaching kids that moving is enjoyable is a vital lesson that can set them up for a life of health and activity!

Stories are often used as a basis for movement – acting out the scenes or moving like the characters or animals of the story.

Children learn to become aware of their body in space, developing spacial awareness and coordination skills. Learning to think about movements such as moving opposite arm and leg can help with gross motor movements like running and throwing balls.

Concentration is enhanced as the children follow instructions and develop abilities to centre themselves in the busyness of everyday life. Children are taught to breathe deeply and learn how to use breath to bring calmness and softness to their bodies.

Some Other Benefits Include:

Understand and learn about their bodies

Physical fitness improves

Builds self confidence and creativity

Learn to relax and find calmness

Develop body awareness and motor skills