Have you ever wondered why it seems that as we age our muscles just aren’t what they were? Maybe it’s that your strength feels weakened, or that what was always toned all of a sudden looks saggy? Argh!! 

What’s going on?

It’s called sarcopenia, and it’s a deterioration of the muscles as we age. Basically, the muscles shrink. It’s just what happens. But friends, be encouraged as there are lots of things we can do to substantially slow down this process and maintain our muscle tone and strength. 

You’ll want to be smart about the right moves to do. 

The best moves are the weight bearing moves. Where you support your own weight, say on all fours. There are many exercises you can do here which are perfect.

Also, it’s time to get out your weights. The weights you use don’t have to be heavy. 1kg- 2kg is plenty. I can assure you when you do your arm exercises effectively, those little weights will feel heavy in no time. 

I have some visual examples of moves you can do on your hands and knees. They are perfect to keep your muscles from wasting away. Join in with me and let me know if you have any questions.

Feel inspired to give Pilates a go?  Join me for a live online Pilates class. I’ll be there to encourage you and lead you through your moves that will increase your energy and build a strong, healthy body.

Click here for the link to register for the class. 

I’ll see you then,


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