A good friend and colleague of mine, nutritionist Sonja McCord, is currently running a detox program. – I’m always picking up good health tips and recipes from Sonja! That’s just what you need – friends who can inspire you with a new recipe they tried, or something new that the kids will love!

What you eat and how you move are essential to feeling good in your body and mind. So, to complement the detox program I’ve put together some stretches and exercises that will help to release tension, increase oxygen in your body and energise you.

What is a detox and why cleanse?

A detox is a cleanse for the body. By following a detox program, (prepared by a qualified nutritionist) you are able to eliminate toxins and give your digestive system a break, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients it needs and kick start your natural detoxification system.

Some other benefits of a balanced detox are:

• Improved digestion • More energy • Reduction in brain fog • Balanced moods • Reduced sugar cravings • Improved immune system • Less inflammation • Weight-loss may or may not be a side effect for some, though this is not the main focus.

I’ve prepared some lovely stretches that will complement your detox. During your detox, you are becoming more mindful of your food, and are learning to listen to your body. Now is the perfect time to get moving! You will find that movement, like food is healing for the body.


Here is video 1 from a 3 part series.



If you’re interested in starting a detox, contact sonja@bebalancednutrition.com