One of the key principles of Pilates is the mind / body connection. Pilates really is a mindful form of movement, where focus and attention is needed to move carefully and with precision.

With a strong focus on mindful movement, Pilates allows people to enjoy meditation and the benefits of meditation. Meditation reduces stress and helps you maintain a sense of calm and peace.

Pilates is such a nice way to move. As you focus on your body and concentrate on your exercises, the mindfulness you learn easily transfers to other areas of your life. I found that learning mindfulness in my Pilates time, taught me to stay present in everyday life and activities. It also helps with concentration and staying focused for the tasks of life and helps you manage stressful situations.

Learning to breath correctly is an important key in Pilates, and this skill is also valuable for your daily life. Considering how you breathe has many benefits. Breathing correctly, will assist your movements in Pilates. You will find your stretching is improved as you breathe deeply. This form of breathing relaxes the body and muscles.

Breathing can improve the flow of oxygen to the brain and release ‘feel good’ hormones which will help to overcome stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness is important for your overall health. Staying mindful helps you as you when deciding what to eat, what to think about and what you do.

Your Pilates time gives you with that meditation time and time to feel centred and grounded. – As well as being wonderful for your physical health!