We’ve been travelling around the States, and the trip has got me racking my brain for easy, healthy meals to make for my family. Of course, we eat out here and there, but when you are on the road for quite a while, sometimes you crave clean, home cooked meals.

My daughter is gluten free, and this also is a consideration.

In the last week, all of our accommodation has had a microwave and fridge. So I’ve had to be creative to figure out what I can prepare that has no preservatives for my daughter, and doesn’t require a stove top or oven. They are not fancy, or special meals, but are the best options I could think of with the resources available!

Here is what I’ve done, and a list of quick no fuss meals for travel.

Meal 1 – microwave salmon (no crumbs or flavouring), individual rice pots and broccoli which I steamed in the microwave.

Meal 2 – nachos (natural corn chips), tin of refried beans, grated cheese, tin of corn and fresh broccoli. Fresh berries for dessert.

Meal 3 – I had a stove top for this meal. Fresh gluten free pasta from the markets, bunches of fresh herbs, tomato, garlic and broccoli. (My kids love broccoli!). We had sweet nectarine slices for dessert.


I’d love to hear what your travel food ideas are!