Are you ready for a 5 minute break from your desk work?

So you’ve been working hard, and now it’s time for a quick stretch.

Check out this video and follow along.

Take your chair back a little from your desk.

Perch yourself on the front of the chair, feeling your sit bones down and your spine lengthening up. Feel your feet planted on the ground.

Hinge forward from the hips, the round your spine back up to sitting tall. Do 5 of these.

Now for a twist. Stay anchored through both sit bones and twist your body to one side. Feel the movement through your ribs and keep your shoulders heavy. Do two to each side.

Stand behind your chair. Feet hip width apart, and rise up onto your heels. Do 10 of these.

Put your hands in the small of your back.

Lengthen your spine, then arc your body up and back, feeling your sternum reach up to the ceiling. Close the ribs and gently come back to centre.

Well done.. Now you’re ready to get back into it!

Let me know how you felt with the quick break.

Beth x