No matter what your stage of life, having a healthy pelvic floor is essential!In Pilates, we often focus on the core, and this usually includes exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.Pelvic floor strength will help stabilise the pelvis and support the organs of the lower abdominal, such as the bladder and uterus.Most of us have experienced the embarrassing discomfort of noticing a weakness in the pelvic floor at some stage. Passing urine when you sneeze, jump or laugh or discomfort in the bathroom.If this is your story you’re not alone! With 1 in 3 women experiencing incontinence it’s way more common than you think.The good news is you can feel more secure, gain confidence and strength as you progress with these simple, but effective Pilates exercises.Join me for this 10 minute Pilates routine to focus on the pelvic floor.

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