There’s nothing quite like that first quiet cup of tea in the morning!

Camping this week, I was able to sit by this lake and soak it all in! The bird song was incredible, the lake changed colour every moment and the cool mountain air filled my lungs and soul.



My message for you today is to slow it down a bit.

Find a place where you can take in the simple, everyday beauty around you.

Take a few moments to meditate as you focus on your breath, body and mind.

Inhale deeply and notice the air filling your lungs and your body expanding with the air.

Exhale gently and slowly and feel a softening of your body. Notice the ground supporting you where you sit and allow your body to feel heavy and relaxed.

As you continue to be aware of your breath, lengthen each breath a little more, feeling a slowing of your mind, a stillness in your body and a sense of the present moment.

Be still like this for a few minutes and when you are ready to go about your day again, move into it gently, taking the peace you just created with you.